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Why Read the Bible?

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Why should we read the Bible? Google “Bible Reading” and there are dozens of Bible agencies, ministries, churches and individuals inviting people to read or listen to the Bible. To help us read the Bible they offer a huge range of plans, charts, guides, schedules, approaches, programs, challenges and resources. The information on the sites offering Bible reading plans say we should regularly read or listen to the Bible to develop our faith as Christians, for inspiration, to see what wonders God works, for the sake of learning, for guidance, to study, to know truth, for adventure, for a steady diet of God’s Word, for a rewarding experience, and so on.

While there is value in reading the Bible for the reasons mentioned above, the main reason why we read the Bible should be to connect with the Person of whom the Bible speaks – the triune God. This is paramount; if we read the Bible to know the Word of God, yet don’t read it to know the God of the Word, we miss the mark!

Love the God of the Word and we’ll love the Word of God! When we read the Bible for any reason other than because we love God, it may be a difficult, confusing or boring read. But when we read the Bible relationally, as God’s love letter to us, our reading becomes a living, experiential, intimate, interactive, functional, communal, and transformational journey with Him . . .

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