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Why it’s Good to Read the Bible

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We asked hundreds of people why they think it’s good to read the Bible. This is what they said:

  • It tells us what God is like
  • It develops an understanding of God’s relationship with us
  • It has transformed the world
  • It helps us understand God’s plans for us
  • It connects us to Jesus
  • It lets us know how we can be saved from sin
  • It focuses our faith
  • It is food for our daily growth
  • It constructively effects our behaviour
  • It provides a level of protection against temptation
  • It contributes to a more positive outlook
  • It provides guidance for life and living in this day and age
  • It gives us a sense of significance and purpose
  • It assists in our moral development
  • It is a safe place for reflection and resolution
  • It helps us understand our encounters with the seen and unseen world
  • It facilitates peace and well-being in our lives
  • It addresses the concerns of everyday life
  • It renews our minds and hearts
  • It is the meeting place of our stories with God’s Story
  • It makes us wiser and broadens our perspective
  • It keeps us from wasting our lives on what doesn’t matter
  • It prompts us to acts of kindness and mercy
  • It dramatically changes lives for the good
  • It fuels belief
  • It is a measuring stick to determine truth from error
  • It contains the life-changing message of freedom
  • It raises the dignity and rights of everyone
  • It equips us to serve God
  • It gives us comfort and hope
  • It tells us how to truly get to heaven
  • It helps us meet with God
  • It is “God-breathed”
  • It is the “bread of life” and the book of light
  • It is “living and active”
  • It is a source of “joy and my heart’s delight”
  • It is the Word of God

I read the Bible for all the above reasons. And I read it because to know God and be godly, I need to know God’s Word intimately.

Have your say. Why do you think it’s good to read the Bible?

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