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Ground-Breaking Canadian Research

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Coming soon – the much anticipated Canadian Bible Engagement Study.Digital%20Asset%20Promotion#486

Envisioned, sponsored and published by the Canadian Bible Forum, together with The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada,the Canadian Bible Engagement Study polls 4,500 Canadians regarding their use, trends, beliefs about, and attitudes toward the Bible.

The findings provide multiple insights into how and why Canadians do or do not connect with the Bible, as well as revealing the key drivers of Bible engagement.

Rick Hiemstra (EFC Research Director) and world-class market research company Angus Reid Strategies conducted the survey.

Be on the lookout for this ground-breaking Canadian research. The free download of the Canadian Bible Engagement Study Report will be available on the jumpintotheword Blog on May 1.

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One thought on “Ground-Breaking Canadian Research

  1. It is a North American trait…..we have been conditioned, over decades, to be entertainment & comfort seeking drones, more and more dismissive of all critical thinking and reasoning, and are now content to live from sound byte to headlines to text messages, but anything deeper than that we cannot possibly be bothered with. Truth is now whatever someone says (or feels) it is, but God forbid someone should suggest there are Absolute Truths which demand our obedience…….

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