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The Bible Engagement Blog (Jump Into the Word) was launched in 2011 when the Holy Spirit prompted Dr. Lawson Murray to share what he knew about Bible engagement. Initially, the target audience was Canadian pastors and church leaders, with content to deepen their understanding of Bible engagement and equip their congregations to read, reflect and respond to God’s Word. Over the years, it’s become a library of comprehensive articles on the principles, practices and paradigms of Bible engagement that encourage and challenge thousands of people worldwide to connect with Jesus and His Story.

What do we mean by the term Bible engagement?

Bible engagement (also called Scripture engagement) is the process that connects us with the Bible so that we have meaningful encounters with Jesus Christ in order for our lives to be progressively transformed in Him.

According to James 1:17-25, there are five actions involved in Bible engagement:

  1. Read God’s Word – “humbly accept” James 1:21.
  2. Reflect on God’s Word – “looks intently” James 1:25.
  3. Remember God’s Word – “not forgetting” James 1:25.
  4. Respond to God’s Word – “doing it” James 1:22-23, 25.
  5. Receive favour from God’s Word – “be blessed” James 1:25.

Succinctly stated, Bible engagement is Jesus engagement. That is, we should connect with the Bible to unite with, be transformed by, and live in obedience to the One of whom it speaks – Jesus Christ.

About the Author

Lawson is deeply committed to connecting children, youth, and families with Jesus and His Word. He was born in England, grew up in South Africa, lives in Canada, and will ultimately “dwell in the house of the Lord forever” Psalm 23:6. Together with his wife and best friend, Karen, they are blessed with three married children and eleven grandchildren. Lawson loves walking, reading, and doing things with his family. He is a writer/author, ministry innovator, conference speaker, adjunct seminary professor, international trainer, and President of Scripture Union.

Scripture Union Canada

The Bible Engagement Blog is a ministry of Scripture Union Canada. Scripture Union is a multi-media hub of resources and real-life experiences connecting Canadians with Jesus and His Story. We build and nurture vital Christian communities with empowering Bible engagement tools, vibrant children’s ministry, and dynamic sports ministry. We harness a deep and abiding love and knowledge of Scripture to educate, train, and equip leaders, mentors, coaches, believers and church communities to reach, rescue, root and release people to love and live only all for Jesus. We imagine a future world where Bible-reading and reflection are a part of daily life, continues to grow and is something believers look forward to, and non-believers wonder just what they are missing out on. Where the inclusivity of God’s message is heard and actively invites people in. Where the Word is accessible and available in the most engaging, interactive, and multi-media formats – making the Christian faith current as well as considered. Where Jesus is our greatest love, and where faith and Bible engagement grows. Visit Scripture Union’s Website to learn more.

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