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American Christian Millennials On Solid Ground

Good news! According to the latest Barna research in the United States (August 2014): “When it comes to the Bible – more than many other areas of their faith – *Millennial Christians are starting off on comparatively solid ground.”BU-102214-info1

The three main findings from the MillennialPollSM are:

  • Christian Millennials hold a high view of Scripture
  • Non-Christian Millennials mainly hold negative views of Scripture
  • Christian Millennials prefer to read the Bible in a printed form

On the whole, Bible reading among Christian Millennials is considered to be one of their highest priorities – ranking it more important than church attendance. It is also ranked as their greatest source for moral truth and they believe it holds everything they need to know in order to live a meaningful life.

Concerning the different mediums for connecting with the Bible, Christian Millennials:

  • are more likely to read a printed version of the Bible
  • like hearing the Bible read publicly at church
  • read multiple online versions of the Bible
  • have probably seen the latest Hollywood Bible-themed film
  • will post and read Scripture texts on social media

So what does this mean? The study concludes by saying: “For the most part, the Bible is flourishing in the screen age, particularly among the faithful. Practicing Christian Millennials, in particular, are eager to see Bible-based content on the big screen and to engage with the Bible on the little screen . . .”

Read the full report of Millennials and the Bible: 3 Surprising Insights at: https://www.barna.org/barna-update/millennials/687-millennials-and-the-bible-3-surprising-insights#.VElaS_NzbIV

*Millennials are the generation born between 1982 and 2002

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